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 Intro to 3 Gun – 3 Gun 101: Basic Training

April 21, 2018 – Outdoor Sportsman’s Club – 9 AM – 5 PM



3-Guns…3-Times the fun!

Prepare for a one-of-a-kind introduction into the fun and excitement of 3-Gun!

This 1-Day course offers a thorough rundown of what you need to know before competing in your first 3-Gun event. Featuring 3-Gun PRO competitor Pierre LeClair, this class will cover the sport from A-to-Z including the guns, gear, rules, and what to expect at your first match.

ATTENTION: 3-Gun 101 students will also receive free entry fee for the event held the next day!

Topics covered include:

– Range Safety and basic 3-gun range commands

– Basic 3GN rules overview

– Gear and equipment overview for each division

– How to safely maneuver through a basic COF under time

– Basic shotgun overview and loading techniques

– Basic pistol overview

– Basic rifle overview

– 3GN Club Series and classification brief overview

Student requirements:

– Fundamental understanding of firearm safety

– Active 3-Gun Nation Membership

SPECIAL OFFER: 3GN Membership is FREE with your class registration for non-members! Class participants will be entered into the 3GN Member database after the class registration is processed.


– Basic understanding of pistol, rifle and shotgun platforms

Equipment requirements:

Don’t have all the gear you need? Ask us about demo equipment!

– AR-15 style rifle

– Semi-automatic pistol

– 12-gauge autoloading or pump action shotgun

– Belt, holster, shotgun shell caddies, mag pouch

– 100 rounds of shotgun; 100 rounds of pistol; 100 rounds of rifle; 10 slugs

– Eye and ear protection

MORE GOOD NEWS! Your instructors will squad with you at the event the next day to help you through the match! Wow!

Each 3-Gun Nation certified instructor has a proven track record of success in competitive shooting and 3-Gun competition, and has been selected by us to help new shooters like yourself to join the fun and excitement of 3-Gun events!

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