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Defensive Shooting Class

Taught by retired State Police Officer Firearm's instructor

March 5th and 6th

 This two-day class combines the one-day basic class and one-day Level II class.

Day 1 – Basic Defensive Pistol

• Firearms safety and range safety
• “Why a firearm”
• Home defense or concealed carry?
• Choice of handguns, revolver verse semi-auto pistol. Pros and cons. .44 magnum verse 9mm? What is the truth?
• “Killing” vs “Stopping the attack”
• Various types of handguns are discussed and displayed
• Various holster systems are shown and discussed – Pros and Cons
• Self-defense, what does the law say? Discussion of PA Crimes Code, Chapter 5
• “Stand your ground” law in PA
• What to do after you are involved in a shooting
• Can you really shoot another person?
• Safe handling of a handgun is shown and practiced
• Loading and unloading the firearm
• What is a malfunction and how is it “fixed”?
• How do we make our firearms safe with children?
• Participants get to shoot various basic drills

Day 2 – Level II Defensive Pistol

Hands on Introduction to Pistol Shooting

This course is A “Hands On” Introduction to Pistol Shooting Emphasizing Safety.

It is designed for students with little or no experience firing a handgun.  This course will cover basic handgun safety and operation as well as instruction on choosing and buying  the correct handgun.

Program held at Outdoor Sportsman’s Club in classroom and adjacent, climate controlled indoor range.

Little time, little money, big opportunity.

Prerequisites : NONE

COST: $30  check payable to Outdoor Sportsman’s Club.

Saturday, March 17 8:30 AM – 12:30PM

Email to to sign up

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P.O. Box 83 State College, PA  16804
814-355-4440 (Clubhouse)

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