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HandgunsAn Introduction

A “Hands On” Introduction Emphasizing Safety and Learning.

Begin your shooter/gun handling education with classroom information and closely assisted shooting exercises.                                          

         Program held at Outdoor Sportsman’s Club in classroom and adjacent, climate controlled indoor range.

Live fire audition handguns from leading manufacturers.

- Learn to find a handgun that is comfortable and fun to shoot.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

8:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Email to to sign up.

Learn handgun operating and safety procedures:

- Loading and firing a handgun

- How to identify if a handgun is loaded

- How to unload and make the gun safe

Learn to handle and compare handguns:

- What features contribute to easy and comfortable operation.

- How to safely pass and receive a handgun between people.

-This information builds skills and confidence to visit guns stores to make your own purchase.


Little time, little money, big opportunity.

Training conducted by team of NRA certified instructors.

$30 – check payable to Outdoor Sportsman’s Club.

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