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How many times have you had a Fail To Feed or Fail to fire and needed to clear your firearm ? What about a Double Feed ? Were you able to safely and confidently clear those malfunctions quickly ?

This 2 hr class will cover type 1-3 malfunctions clearing with two hands along with drills and ideas for practicing at home.

The class is open to members and non-members who can safely draw and reload a semi-automatic pistol. It will be primarily focused on those who are interested in exercising these techniques for both defensive and competition usage.

Open to:  Members and Non-members

Cost: $30

When: February 9th  6 PM - 8 PM

Where: Indoor range

Students will need to bring 150 rounds of ammo, a  semi-automatic firearm, Hearing and eye protection.

Limited to 20 students, Preregistration IS REQUIRED

Email training@oscshooting.com

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