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Defensive Shooting Class

Taught by retired State Police Officer Firearm's instructor

March 5th and 6th

 This two-day class combines the one-day basic class and one-day Level II class.

Day 1 – Basic Defensive Pistol

• Firearms safety and range safety
• “Why a firearm”
• Home defense or concealed carry?
• Choice of handguns, revolver verse semi-auto pistol. Pros and cons. .44 magnum verse 9mm? What is the truth?
• “Killing” vs “Stopping the attack”
• Various types of handguns are discussed and displayed
• Various holster systems are shown and discussed – Pros and Cons
• Self-defense, what does the law say? Discussion of PA Crimes Code, Chapter 5
• “Stand your ground” law in PA
• What to do after you are involved in a shooting
• Can you really shoot another person?
• Safe handling of a handgun is shown and practiced
• Loading and unloading the firearm
• What is a malfunction and how is it “fixed”?
• How do we make our firearms safe with children?
• Participants get to shoot various basic drills

Day 2 – Level II Defensive Pistol

• Provides a review of basic firearm safety
• Range safety rules
• Safe loading /unloading of pistols
• Continued development of pistol shooting fundamentals
• Shooting practice drills
o Drawing from an open and concealed holster
o Two-hand/strong hand/support hand shooting
o Clearing malfunctions in a defensive situation
o Live fire drills will include both precision and defensive drills

Participants shall bring the following to class:

• A self defense type pistol, caliber no smaller then .380
• A minimum of three magazines or two speed loaders
• A holster made for your firearm that allows you to re-holster with one hand; (No shoulder holsters permitted for live fire drills)
• 300 rounds of non-hollow point ammunition
• Ear protection, eye protection and a ball cap

The instructor reserves the right to disapprove any firearm that in his opinion is not safe or is not a defensive handgun.

NOTE: Serous firearms safety violations may result in the student being removed from the class. No refund provided.

All students are required to have a current PA concealed carry license or a recent firearm transfer in PA with a PA PICs number.

Class fees shall be paid no less than five days prior to the first day of class. If you cancel the class and your spot is filled with another participant, you will receive a refund.

About the Instructor

Dan Hawk has been involved with firearms training for over 30 years.

• Retired Pennsylvania State Police officer with over 20 years’ experience as a troop firearms instructor and a field-training officer
• Successfully completed firearms training courses with the:
o PA State Police
o Federal Air Marshall Service
o As well as other nationally recognized law enforcement trainers

• Has over fourteen years’ experience and is currently a firearms instructor with the Penn State Justice and Safety Institute Deputy Sheriff Program
o basic cadet training
o instructor training

• Has also been involved for many years as an assistant coach with two Centre County youth shooting programs
o Teaching youth firearms safety and basic rifle shooting

Dan is offering defensive shooting training at different levels at the Outdoor Sportsman’s Club.

Contact Dan Hawk for further information regarding the class or to register

Class location
Outdoor Sportsman’s Club
170 Sportsman’s Lane
Bellefonte, PA 16823

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