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Defensive Pistol Shoots

OSC will be conducting A Defensive Pistol Shoot on the first Saturday of every month , May through October. These shoots are similar to IDPA style shoots with targets varying from 2 to 25 yards and shot for time. Shooters will be  drawing from a holster and shooting and reloading while moving.

This year we will be running registration, squads and scoring through practiscore. 
We will also be running under the current IDPA ruleset. 
Follow this link to register, you will be given the option to squad after you register.

Safety Officers, please indicate on the registration sheet if you will be able to help run a squad as a primary or secondary safety officer. You will be moved into a reserved spot on the squad you will be running. Please plan on showing up no later than 8:30 for a brief stage walk through. As always we can not run this event with out your valued help. 
Thank you and hope to see you at that matches.
Interim Match Director: Brian Shine 

This message is sponsored by the campaign for Tom Moyer for Match Director 2020.
"Moyer For MD 2020: Moyer fun, Moyer no shoots, Moyer bad ass stages"

IDPA Membership is NOT required to attend

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