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March 30th,  5 PM until dark
In preparation for our Friday Shotgun shoots we are offering an opportunity for those who would like to try Trap Shooting. 

We'll be helping you get the right stance, sight picture and technique to hit the clay pigeons.  
We will provide a 12 ga. shotgun (bring yours if you have one), you bring the ammo.  We may even have a 20 ga. available.
This is the plan for the evening of March 30th, 5 PM till dark:
 - $20 per person - covers instruction, clays and food (bring a side or dessert if you'd like)
 - Participants bring their own ammunition, 12 ga. target-type shells with #7 1/2 or #8 shot (no high brass shells, game loads, or buckshot).
 - Participants may bring their own shotguns (12 ga. or 20 ga. only), but we will try to have a few shotguns available for those that don't have one. 
 - Limit attendance to 15 participants
Plan to get the fire started and have burgers and dogs, like we do when we have the regular Friday night shoots? 
Register via email:

The Outdoor Sportsman's Club
P.O. Box 83 State College, PA  16804
814-355-4440 (Clubhouse)

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