Our Rifle events are open to the public.
Pre-registration is not mandatory but suggested as relay size is sometimes limited.





Come join us at The Outdoor Sportsman’s Club for Indoor Archery Practice!

When: Tuesday nights From 7:15pm – 8:45pm. (Except 3rd Tuesdays of each month!)
Where: The OSC Indoor Range
Who: Open to the public. Beginners welcome, all ages, bow types, and styles.
Costs: Only $3 per night

The Outdoor Sportsman’s Club, 142 Sportsman Lane, Bellefonte, PA 16823. N 40° 52′ 57″ W 77° 53′ 11.6″ (About 15 Minutes from Penn State University and State College)

Free instruction for beginners from Experienced USAA/NFAA Level 3-NTS Archery Coaches! Club bows and equipment to borrow if you don’t have your own!

Shoot at any distance. You can shoot for fun or score! Good for kids and adults!

Selecting equipment to get started in archery can be a daunting task! There are millions of bits of gear and accessories available which range widely in price and quality.

The good news is that Archery as a sport can be quite simple and inexpensive and you can put together a basic kit of everything you need to enjoy the sport which is both high in quality and high value.

The basic “kit” of everything you need to be an archer includes:

Bow (~$140)
Arrow Rest (~$2.50)
Bow Stringer (~$10.50)
Arm Guard (~$10.00)
Finger Tab (~$15.00)
Arrows (~$70.00 for 12)
Tips (~$8 for 12)
Quiver (~$11.00)

So for about $267 you can get everything you need. One optional item you may want to consider is a case to hold your bow, arm guard, finger tab, and stringer. These can be found for around $25, but here’s a secret, the bow usually comes in a pretty nice cardboard box. I’ve used these boxes to transport my gear for a long time before finding a case I liked!

And remember, you can’t buy technique! With this basic equipment and nothing but hard work and concious and attentive practice you could shoot groups/scores that would impress anyone at any local tournament!