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Vouchers allows members to reduce the cost of their annual membership dues by up to $100.  

Vouchers can be earned by performing work around the club or helping to run events. In addition to keeping maintenance costs down, many voucher opportunities also allow members to socialize and have fun working together.

To earn a voucher the member will have to spend a minimum of 8 hours performing some type of activity.

Members may earn as many additional vouchers as desired. These additional vouchers will be used as chances to win a $200 cash prize at the end of the year. OSC typically gives out 5 of these prizes every year.

Check back here often to see what opportunities are available or contact the committee chair directly.


Task # Vouchers  Dates  Contact
Empty Trash on Outdoor Ranges 2-4

Gun show Admissions 8

4/22 4/23
Gun Show Gun Check 6

4/22 4/23
Gun Show Friday Night setup 3  4/21
Put up Gunshow Signs  2  4/1
Remove Trash from Classroom and Indoor Range 2-4 All Year
Food Runners for Gunshow 10 9/17 &9/18


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