Women's Night at the Range

A series of special events for OSC women (full members and family of members)

Have you shot firearms but are curious about learning some basics of different disciplines?

Are you a pistol shooter interested in learning more about rifle or shotgun? Or, maybe a rifle shooter wanting to try out action pistol shooting?

Have you ever hesitated to attend a shooting event because you thought you needed more experience or wanted to be more comfortable before going?

Join us for an evening at the range!


OSC Women with some shooting experience and knowledge of  safety on the shooting range. Please sign up in advance to let us know you’ll be there.


Wednesday evenings as scheduled. See upcoming events in the schedule below!

What to bring:

  • Eye and ear protection (required at all OSC events and on all OSC ranges)
  • Appropriate firearm and ammo for the event (see schedule below for details).
  • Limited supply of .22LR ammo may be available for purchase (limit 1 box per participant) at relevant smallbore events.

Sign up Here!

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