Smallbore 3 Position

Dates: February to April Monday nights. Check the calendar below for exact dates.

Time: Relay 1 Check-in starts @ 6 pm shooting starts 6:30 p.m.

Relay 2 Check-in when you arrive / shooting starts around 7:15 pm

Cost: $25.00 for the season

$3.00 walk-on per event

Target: N.R.A. A-32 light rifle target

Course of Fire

All fired at 50 feet, ten minutes at each position.

  1. Ten rounds prone
  2. Ten rounds either sitting or kneeling
  3. Ten rounds standing


  • Any safe .22 caliber rimfire rifle may be used. The rifle must weigh 8.5 pounds or less, including sights and slings.
  • Schuetzen type butt plates and palm rests may not be used.
  • Slings may be used in the prone and sitting or kneeling positions, but not in the standing position.
  • Knee roll and 5 gal. bucket permitted in kneeling or sitting position for those with limited mobility.
  • .22 lr ammo
  • Magazines (at least 2)
  • Shooting mat provided or bring your own.
  • Score card provided
  • Pen
  • Optional .22cal Scoring Gauge with Magnifier


E-Mail [email protected] subject title “Smallbore 3 Position” if you have any questions or would like to reserve your shooting position (fees payable at our first shoot)

Helpful Resources

M 1907 Leather sling
M1 Web sling

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Positional Rifle Sling by Short Action Precision

NRL22’s monthly courses of fire will have at least 1 positional stage. Director of Match Operations Tyler Frehner demonstrates a piece of equipment and how he runs positional stages, in hopes you get more hits. Watch now, and hear tips on utilizing a sling!

Index: Short Action Precision Sling – 01:05 Standing Position – 01:56 Kneeling Position – 03:15 Seated Position – 03:45 Prone Position – 04:26

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