Summer Pistol Practice

Thursdays from June through August
See calendar events below for details on relay times

Who Can Shoot?

Anyone 18 or older who can legally and safely handle a handgun while drawing and shooting from a holster or from the low or compressed ready position (either is acceptable, according to your skill and comfort level). 

Summer Pistol Practice at OSC is open to the public. First-time Summer Pistol Practice shooters are welcome to participate; range officers will help and supervise newer shooters.  If you want to build your shooting experience or hone your existing skills, this event is for you!

New Shooter Orientations:

New shooters (people who have not shot in the Outdoor Sportsman’s Club Summer Pistol Practices before or are not active I.D.P.A. or U.S.P.S.A. shooters, or are not law enforcement officers) MUST attend one of these orientations to participate.

New Shooter Orientations are held on the Outdoor Sportsman’s Club’s Combat Range (the same place Summer Pistol Practices are held) before the season begins.  New shooters may want to bring their firearm, holster, and ammunition. See calendar below for details.


Defensive pistol targets, bullseye targets, etc. Shooter’s choice – we have a wide variety of targets available. 

Guns Allowed

  • Defensive-style centerfire revolvers or semiautomatic pistols
  • Defensive-style .22 caliber pistols e.g. Walther P22, S&W M&P 22, Glock 44 and similar styles. No target type handguns with light triggers are permitted.

Equipment Needed

  • Strong-side holster
  • At least 1 extra magazine/speedloader
  • eye and ear protection (shooting glasses and either ear plugs or muffs)
  • stapler
  • ammunition


Shooting takes place at 4 yards, 7 yards, 15 yards, and 25 yards.  You may limit your shooting to the shorter distances according to your skill level.

The O.S.C. Practice League involves shooting from the low or compressed ready positions or drawing from a holster depending on your skill level.

Pistol shooter in low ready position
Low Ready Position
Pistol shooter in compressed ready position
Compressed Ready Position
Pistol shooter in holster position
Holstered Position


Shooters score their own targets.  Scores are not posted – this is not a competitive event.

Relay Tickets

$3 and can be purchased in advance.  A ticket is required for each relay fired.  A relay consists of 3 strings of 3 seconds each at four yards, 5 strings of 4 seconds each at seven yards, 2 strings of 6 seconds each at fifteen yards, and 1 string of 20 seconds at 25 yards.  We will announce one standard course of fire for each string.  However, many different courses of fire are available to accommodate new shooters as well as challenge expert shooters.

Depending on which course of fire you choose, ammunition required to shoot one relay could vary from as few as 15 or 20 up to 40 or 50 rounds. 

Practical Pistol Instruction

Each week, after the last relay, Todd John will provide training/instruction in a different specific skill (stance, grip, drawing from the holster; slide lock reloads, keeping your firearm at the low ready and scanning for threats; tactical reloads; shooting while moving; shooting multiple targets; clearing mal-functions; etc.).  This was a very popular activity last year and we are looking forward to even more participation and training scenarios this summer.

Prize Drawing

For each 10 relay tickets purchased, shooters receive one entry for the prize drawings held at the End-of-Summer Club Picnic. The Grand Prize is a new Glock handgun!

End of Summer Club Picnic

Thursday, August 17, 2023 – a Hog Roast! See calendar event.

All N.R.A., I.D.P.A. and Outdoor Sportsman’s Club Safety Rules will be strictly enforced.  Shooters who do not follow ALL safety rules will not be allowed to participate. 

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