OSC Group Access Policy


  1. To permit appropriate group* access to club facilities while maintaining the club’s exclusiveness, limiting liability, and controlling expenses. 
  2. *Appropriate Group defined as any organization or individual wishing to conduct organized activities on club grounds (facilities) that are consistent with the OSC’s mission statement AND are approved by the Executive Committee based on the following guidelines: 
  3. The group or individual must desire to conduct activities which the Executive committee deems consistent with OSC’s mission statement. 
  4. The group leader MUST: a) be designated in writing and, b) be a dues paying member with the same responsibilities as all other regular club members. 
  5. The group activity must be lawful under Federal, State, and Local Laws, and group leaders are responsible for compliance. 
  6. No individual who is a member of, and no organization composed in whole or in part of individuals who are members of, any organization or group having as its purpose or one of its purposes the overthrow by force and violence of the Government of the United States or any of its political subdivision shall be eligible to use Club facilities for any purpose.  
  7. The Executive Committee shall grant or deny request based on the information provided on the required application form, a meeting with the group leader(s), plus any additional information requested.

Group Categories

  1. Club Committees ‐ Defined as Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, and other bonafide committees that are recognized by the Executive Committee. 
  2. Member Reserved ‐ Any member may reserve and pay a negotiated fee. 
  3. Law Enforcement ‐ Access is made through the L.E. co‐op program 
  4. Outside Groups ‐ Defined as 4‐H, Boy Scouts, Youth Groups and other Non‐profit organizations as recognized by the Executive Committee 
  5. Hosting ‐ OSC can host events for an Outside Sponsoring Organization. 
  6. Contract ‐ Access can be granted under a contractual agreement.

General Guidelines

  1. Club Committees: Group Leader(s) must be dues‐paying member(s). This person(s) being responsible for supervising participants, as well as, the overall activity. This includes safety, liability releases, fees, clean‐up, and general maintenance of the facilities. 
  2. Member Reserved: A particular range or facility is reserved for the member and guest’s exclusive use during a given time period. Negotiated reservation fee is paid, and member is responsible for the activity, liability releases, safety compliance, and policing the facilities used. 
  3. Law Enforcement: Qualified department firearms instructor must become a regular dues‐paying member. Officer or department pays the annual dues plus initiation fee. LE members can reserve under current program guidelines, with any rental fees waived. In The Outdoor Sportsman’s Club, Rules, Policies and Procedures 18‐Aug‐2014 Page 10 of 14 lieu of rental fees, the agency agrees to name OSC as Additional Insured on their liability policy. LE will continue to sign OSC liability releases, pay the daily guest fee, and pay applicable  operating costs 
  4. 4‐H, Boy Scouts, Youth Groups, and other Non‐Profits: OSC sponsors programs that are considered worthwhile. Group Leader(s) must be regular dues‐paying OSC members. Group Leader(s) must be present, responsible, and in charge of the activity. Sponsorship establishes the activity as a club activity. There is no rental fee, but operating costs will be paid through collected activity fees that are set the by the club. Parent or Legal Guardian will sign liability release before any minor participates in any organized club activity. Group leaders shall be responsible for obtaining liability releases for all participants with appropriate parent or guardian signatures.  
  5. Hosting for Outside Organizations (Keystone Games, PRPA, USA Shooting, and other similar activities that are recognized and approved by the Executive Committee): Club members assume responsibility for and conduct the event. Outside Organization must furnish certificate naming OSC as an additional insured. Fees are negotiated. 
  6. Contractual: OSC may from time to time enter into a contractual agreement with outside organizations. The OSC Executive Committee will negotiate and propose an agreement/ contract for adoption by the membership.


  1. The OSC Executive Committee shall be vested with the authority and responsibility to implement this policy, and shall adopt and amend procedures as deemed necessary and appropriate. 
  2. Group Leader(s) shall apply in writing to the OSC Executive Committee on the designated application form.  
  3. OSC Executive Committee will review the application and render a decision based on policy guidelines 
  4. Group Leader(s) will create a roster and maintain attendance records of all activity participants. 
  5. Group Leader(s) will obtain liability releases of all participants who are not regular OSC members and all minors with appropriate parent/guardian signatures. 
  6. Group Leader(s) shall submit roster, liability release forms, attendance records, and collected fees as directed by the OSC Executive Committee.