Setup & Practice Smallbore Lever Silhouette

Three Smallbore Lever Silhouette matches are scheduled for May, June, and July.

Beginning at 8:30 am, morning sight-in period and position sign up (at least 2 relays will run back to back to allow for you to have a spotter).

Each match starts promptly at 10 am.

Afterwards, stick around to shoot for fun and practice. Also, if you can stick around, we appreciate any help with cleaning up and putting the (really heavy) animals away!

👑👑👑 Triple Crown Competition! 👑👑👑

The total scores for the three matches will be added up to crown the series champion. Be sure to show up for all three to maximize your score!


Equipment Required:
.22 caliber rifle
60 rounds (minimum)
eye and ear protection

Equipment Recommended:
.22 caliber lever gun with adjustable open sights
binoculars for spotting for a friend
Additional rounds for sighting in and for the afternoon fun shooting

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