Smallbore Cowboy Silhouette

Bring out your open-sights .22LR rifle to give a try on some big animal targets!!

If you don’t have an open-sights gun (YET!) bring your favorite .22LR rifle and get in on the fun, too! Someone may even let you borrow theirs. Just know, you may get hooked!

Beginning at 9:00 am: morning sight-in period and position sign up (at least 2 relays will run back to back to allow for you to have a spotter)

Promptly at 10 am: match starts

Noon-ish: we’ll be cooking up some hamburgers and hot dogs! Bring a side dish (that can sit out in the warm air or bring a cooler). Drinks will be provided. Donations to help cover the cost are welcomed!

1-2 pm: stick around to shoot for fun and practice. Also, if you can stick around, we appreciate any help with cleaning up and putting the (really heavy) animals away.


Equipment Required:

.22 caliber rifle

60 rounds (15 targets per animal)

eye and ear protection

Equipment Recommended:

.22 caliber lever gun with adjustable open sights

binoculars for spotting for a friend

Additional rounds for sighting in and for the afternoon fun shooting


Here’s a video to check out with real deal lever ACTION – the shootoff for the 2020 Tennessee State Champion. It’s a real nail biter!! 


May 30 2021


8:30 am - 3:00 pm




Rifle Range
Rifle Range


Rifle Range


Eric Roman

Other Organizers

Gretta Roman